About - The Imperial Restaurant
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The Imperial has a rich past. Since 1812, ordinary people as well as US presidents have graced this very spot. Community as well as country have been the hot topics of discussion and change, right here. Today, the restaurant founders and staff take pride in bringing you the history of this storied location infused with the food and flavors of the present. Click here to learn more about The Imperial’s rich history.

Meet the people of The Imperial

John Meeder & Sam Wilsker

John and Sam are business partners who share a penchant for the revitalization of Lancaster City. In 2013, they purchased the Brunswick Hotel—a Lancaster heritage site that had fallen on difficult times. They converted it into The Hotel Lancaster, revitalizing the building to enhance the growing, thriving community. Today, they are fully renovating the hotel, developing even more updates and continuing to cultivate the city. They opened The Imperial Restaurant—a restaurant on the corner of Queen and Chestnut streets that anchors the hotel and provides Lancaster with a unique, unforgettable dining experience.

professional artist/designer
Noelle Turco

An artist at heart and a designer by profession, Noelle is the owner of Lancaster-based Red House Design Company. She was Artistic Director at Carr’s Restaurant for 14 years and her artistic style has warmed and invigorated the ​walls and interiors of numerous ​homes and organizations. From The Imperial Restaurant’s funky décor to its whimsical, colorized vintage photos, Noelle has designed a space that connects the history of our building and City and brings it to life. Her creativity has also influenced the ​adjacent Imperial Ballrooms and is weaved throughout the hotel’s interior, down to the historic painted photographs adorning the walls of the rooms.

restaurant general manager
David Gannett

David joins our team with over 33 years of leadership experience over twenty of which he has spent in the restaurant industry. Previously, David served as a General Manager for Isaac’s. During his tenure there he was a part of the Leadership Development Team, Menu Development Team, Restaurant Food and Employee Safety Teams and played a crucial part in the menu and design of Isaac’s first York City location. David is excited to be back in Lancaster because of  the transformation it has undergone to become a bustling food and culture destination.

bar manager
Patrick McGettigan

Patrick was born in Lancaster and loves his hometown. After leaving to study music at college in both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, he arrived back in the area to begin working in the restaurant business in 2011. His passion for creative mixed drinks and craft brew favorites led him to hold various positions including bartender at Character’s Pub and Carr’s Restaurant. Patrick is ultimately focused on friendly, community-oriented service that keeps customers coming back and enjoying the moment. Bringing that kind of atmosphere to The Imperial is a dream come true.